Oversharing: How is it different for men and women? Find out on 5 February at The Northern

1837188648_efdbba28d3Facebook positively encourages you to share, bloggers share every time they post, on Twitter you are theoretically sharing with the entire world. But can you share too much?

In February, SMC looks at how men and women share intimate details of their lives on the internet, but differently.

From anonymous female sex bloggers to men using Twitter for Movember to raise awareness of male-only cancers, via the “nice guys” on dating sites who are bitter they can’t get laid – everyone’s rushing to put the most private, the most taboo and also the most normal out there for all to see and read. Or are they? There are also generational differences when it comes to keeping our private stuff, well, private.

In February SMC is going back to our original format of simultaneous sessions for small groups to discuss the sharp issues such as Googling prospective dates, taking responsibility for your online profiles, sharing your sex life (or lack of it) publicly, how oversharing may have an impact on your professional life, are there things you should never share, and more…

Confirmed session leaders so far: Laura Sharpe (@sharperecruit), Ella Wredenfors (@runpaintrunrun), Helen Purves (@insnit) and Ally Fogg (@allyfogg).

If you’re coming along, please add your name to our Lanyrd page.

Date: Tuesday 5th February
Time: 18:00 -21:00
Venue: The Northern, 56 Tib Street, Manchester M4 1LW
Entry is free, as usual

Image credit: Bob Simmons / Flickr


1 thought on “Oversharing: How is it different for men and women? Find out on 5 February at The Northern

  1. I missed this. I think it is vital for business users to know the difference between social and professional. So often I see see the mask slip and not just slight over personal stuff but really excessive posting/sharing. Accounts are all inter-connected now so you have to be very careful wherever you add content.

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